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[I18N-ACTION-586] Summary of WhatWG Infra string

[I18N-ACTION-588] Filed bugs about counter-styles against Edge

[I18N-ACTION-588] Filed bugs about counter-styles against Safari

[I18N-ACTION-590] investigated issue 343 on html

[i18n-activity] 'Key value' terminology is ambiguous and confusing

[i18n-activity] Capital letter equivalents for bicameral scripts

[i18n-activity] Faulty references

[i18n-activity] Halfwidth characters incorrectly rendered in Chrome

[i18n-activity] MAY may not be appropriate

[i18n-activity] Meaning of 'glyph area descendant'

[i18n-activity] Need to define fields for billing address

[i18n-activity] Should we add the ability to query by language or country to watchAvailability()

[i18n-activity] Supplementary characters in ES6 can use code point values

[i18n-activity] Typos

[i18n-activity] Unicode character encodings are shown

[i18n-activity] Use U+ notation to refer to code points

[i18n-activity] What is an 'appropriate' Unicode code point?

[i18n-activity] Why are payment ids restricted to [a-z0-9]?

Call for Exclusions: International text layout and typography index

Closed: [i18n-activity] Halfwidth characters incorrectly rendered in Chrome

Closed: [i18n-activity] Need to define fields for billing address

Closed: [i18n-activity] Typos

Closed: [i18n-activity] Why are payment ids restricted to [a-z0-9]?

Daily digest of github activity (i18n-activity)

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

Disregard - Call for Exclusions: International text layout and typography index

Fwd: [Slim] Last Call: <draft-ietf-slim-negotiating-human-language-06.txt> (Negotiating Human Language in Real-Time Communications) to Proposed Standard

Fwd: Weekly github digest (I18n repos) FOR 31 JAN

Fwd: Weekly github digest (Review comments) FOR 31 JAN

Guidance regarding display items in Payment Request API

Guidance regarding display items in Payment Request API [I18N-ACTION-594]

I18N-ACTION-580: Set up two repos for felix's documents from its for final publication as note

I18N-ACTION-581: Send vertical article for wide review after getting final feedback and fixing the issue styling

I18N-ACTION-582: Sort out justification text on typography document

I18N-ACTION-583: Review charmod-norm issues list and propose closure

I18N-ACTION-584: Send note to www-international announcing switching to github digests and set up the digests

I18N-ACTION-585: Move the justification materials to separate article and point to it from typography document

I18N-ACTION-586: Summarize whatwg string definition and recommend changes if needed

I18N-ACTION-587: Set up weekly digest of github in advance of the teleconference to send to the public-i18n-core list

I18N-ACTION-588: File additional tickets for support of predefined counter styles against remaining browsers

I18N-ACTION-589: Publish typography index as fpwd

I18N-ACTION-590: Follow up on html issue 343 wording and reopen if necessary

I18N-ACTION-591: Re-check letter spacing in css-text issues for closure

I18N-ACTION-592: Close uievents issues with close tag

I18N-ACTION-593: Add jck as point man when adding slim to review radar

I18N-ACTION-594: Reply to marcos caceres email and list his question as a topic for next teleconference

I18N-ACTION-595: Publish to obsolete wg notes as decided in this week's teleconference

I18N-ACTION-596: Adjust the agenda to reflect use of uk time for meeting and update links to dateandtime

I18N-ACTION-597: Publish vertical text article

I18N-ACTION-598: Respond to marcos with summary fo current state of bidi-in-json

I18N-ACTION-599: Publish justification for wide review

I18N-ACTION-600: Prepare and submit encoding refresh

I18N-ACTION-601: Check comment status for uievents specs

I18N-ACTION-602: Make shacl comments in felix's email into issues and/or commenting on sandro's comments and labeling them

I18N-ACTION-603: Respond to payment request api comment to make sure that direction only applies to one string at a time or to override for a specific string in a collection

I18N-ACTION-604: Move the encoding tracking table to github so addison can update it

I18N-ACTION-605: Checks status of svg2 comments

I18N-ACTION-606: Tell travis to go ahead removing bidi controls text from html5 and whatwg

I18N-ACTION-607: Publish approaches to full justification as an article

I18N-ACTION-608: Send richard comments on string-base-direction document

Weekly digests coming

Weekly github digest (I18n repos)

Weekly github digest (Review comments)

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