Guidance regarding display items in Payment Request API

Dear i18n folks,

The Payments WG is seeking your guidance regarding the Payments
Request API [1] on GitHub issue [2].

In the API, we have a set of strings that get passed from a web page
to another application (potentially the Web Browser to a Native
Application or OS-level application) - as such, we want to preserve
BIDI marks and other details that could be helpful with the
presentation of those strings to end-users.

More specifically, these are "display items" (i.e., the details of
items in a shopping cart, such as "3x pair of socks; 1x pair of shoes,

I have proposed [2] the API add "dir" and "lang" dictionary members to
the `PaymentItem` dictionary [3] for this purpose. However, there may
be more places where dir/lang might be needed.

If members of the i18n WG could comment in the bug [2], that would be great!

If you find other issues in the spec, would be great to hear as we
currently have 3 implementations well-underway underway (in Blink,
Edge, Gecko + lot's of sites looking to use this!).


Received on Wednesday, 22 February 2017 08:40:40 UTC