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[Bug 13398] i18n-ISSUE-80: Default rules for the quotes property

[Bug 15489] forms: Add an attribute <input type=email idna> that allows IDNA e-mail addresses to be round-tripped

[Bug 16959] i18n-ISSUE-88: local/floating date terminology

[Bug 16960] i18n-ISSUE-89: Time zones and local dates and times

[Bug 16975] i18n-ISSUE-110: Contact information for meta extensions registry

[Bug 17859] Mechanism to enable localisation of form controls and other locale-specific data

[CharmodNorm] Updated editor's copy

I18N-ISSUE-145: text-transform: full-width explanation [CSS3-text-prep]

I18N-ISSUE-345: Arabic Hyphenation [.prep-CSS3-text]

I18N-ISSUE-354: Questions about letter-spacing for Arabic script [.prep-CSS3-text]

I18N-ISSUE-355: Supporting files referenced rather than copied [Encoding DOC]

I18N-ISSUE-356: Extra > in tcy example [css-writing-modes]

I18N-ISSUE-357: FSI LRO ... PDF or LRI ... PDF ? [css-writing-modes]

I18N-ISSUE-358: [css-text] Arabic letters connecting between elements with display: inline [T] [css-text]

New editor's draft of Charmod Norm

REMINDER: Last Call for: "Encoding"

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