[Bug 12417] HTML5 is missing attribute for specifying translatability of content


--- Comment #40 from Arle Lommel <fenevad@gmail.com> 2011-08-03 15:24:41 UTC ---
Kevin’s comment raises an interesting issue. Having a “translate” or
“localize” attribute is useful, but without some indication of what the
(original) source was, it may end up that derivative representations are
treated as source for subsequent processes. This situation could be rather
problematic if, for example, an MT product is republished on the web and then
another process comes along and treats it as a “clean” source, thus
compounding any translation errors.

Although this is now tangential to the original proposal, are there any
existing mechanisms in HTML5 that could be used to indicate document
relationships in such a way that an agent encountering an HTML5 document could
be alerted that that document is derivative from another document? This is not
an area I've considered before, so I don’t really know what is available, but
it seems that this sort of information would fit in with the semantic emphasis
of HTML5. Perhaps someone else will know if there would be a good way of
indicating the source/target nature of an HTML5 document.

My quick review of the specification does not show anything immediately
promising, and a review of the Meta Extensions wiki
(http://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/MetaExtensions) also shows nothing in this area.

If there is currently no way to indicate this status, I would suggest that some
sort of standard meta tag be considered for this information.

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