[Bug 12417] HTML5 is missing attribute for specifying translatability of content


--- Comment #41 from Kevin Lenzo <kevinlenzo@gmail.com> 2011-08-03 16:38:15 UTC ---
I'm honestly not certain if 'localize' is better than 'translate', because of
the existence of its:translate, but 'localize' has a couple of things going for

 - in cases of things like URIs, the things really are localized rather than
 - this tag may be applied to other things like images that are not necessarily
 - and it has the direction-neutral property (input and output docs can
logically have the same values).

I suppose another possibility for indicating the source vs. target distinction
would be to extend the value structure of the attribute, from 'yes' and 'no' to
include one that indicates that this is the target ('done'? 'target'?) but this
seems awkward.

My general preference would be that the HTML5 document could simply be
localized in place, without having to insert additional state attributes or
value structures. That is, the value of localize= is stable between the source
and target document, and is semantically appropriate.

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