Re: [css3-text] New Working Draft

1. Many of the references to Unicode specifications are outdated, both links
and names. For example,

Mark Davis. Script
Names.<> 28
March 2005. Unicode Standard Annex #24. URL:

<>Should use at least
the current name *Unicode Script Property* and link: Or even better is to use
the unversioned link

2. There is a problem with any general categorization of scripts, because
the categorization tends to vary according to the purpose. You'd be far
better off, rather than having the categorization that you list, using
labels that are directly associated with the function that you intend.

For example, if the purpose is to define the scripts affected by
text-justify, for example, it would be better remove Section 1.1, and
retarget your  Appendix E: Categorization of Scripts by having something

Appendix E: Scripts and Justification

The style values for text-justify affect the following scripts:

Bopomofo, Han, Hangul, Hiragana, Katakana, Yi...

Khmer, Lao, Myanmar, Thai...



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On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 19:36, fantasai <>wrote:

> Yesterday the W3C published an updated copy of the CSS Text Level 3
> specification as a Working Draft. This defines many typographic
> features that will soon make their way into a Web browser near you!
> This module covers, among other things,
>  * White space processing
>  * Line breaking
>  * Justification
>  * Text decoration
> The latest revision in particular attempts to classify the scripts
> in Unicode according to their typographic behavior. Unfortunately
> while I am familiar with more scripts than the average person, I am
> unfamiliar with most of them. Any suggestions for corrections and
> additions would be thus much appreciated.
> The module is derived from some early CSS Internationalization drafts,
> and one of its primary goals is to provide key features needed to
> correctly typeset languages from around the world. We welcome your
> comments and questions on the draft. Input from the Indic, Southeast
> Asian, and Arabic script communities so far has been noticeably missing
> and would be especially appreciated.
> The best way to send feedback is to post to the archived mailing list
> with '[css3-text]' and a summary of your comment in the subject line.
> For those of you who want to follow the latest-latest modifications,
> the unofficial editor's draft is here:
> Thanks~
> ~fantasai
> Invited Expert, W3C CSS Working Group

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