Re: [css3-text] New Working Draft

On 04/15/2011 06:00 PM, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:
> 1. Many of the references to Unicode specifications are outdated, both links and names. For example,
> [UAX24]
> Mark Davis. Script Names. <> 28 March 2005. Unicode Standard Annex #24.
> URL:
> <>Should use at least the current name /Unicode Script Property/ and
> link: Or even better is to use the unversioned link

Thanks. I'll ask Bert to update the references file with the undated versions, if possible.
(The bibliography is auto-generated, so I can't fix it myself. ;)

> 2. There is a problem with any general categorization of scripts, because the categorization tends to vary according to the
> purpose. You'd be far better off, rather than having the categorization that you list, using labels that are directly
> associated with the function that you intend.
> For example, if the purpose is to define the scripts affected by text-justify, for example, it would be better remove Section
> 1.1, and retarget your  Appendix E: Categorization of Scripts by having something like:
> Appendix E: Scripts and Justification
> The style values for text-justify affect the following scripts:
> inter-ideograph
> Bopomofo, Han, Hangul, Hiragana, Katakana, Yi...
> inter-cluster
> Khmer, Lao, Myanmar, Thai...

Well, the style values all affect all scripts, just in different ways depending on the
values. I used to have the script categorization under the Justification section, but
pulled it up front since I reused somewhere else... I'll shuffle things around using
some of your suggestions and see where we get. :)

> FYI,

That's wonderful, thanks. Is there a index of handy Unicode-info sites like
this? and some of Richard Ishida's tools come to mind as similarly useful.


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