Re: IRI draft refresh and timeline



1.  I see that the first sentence of 7.1 still refers to IRIs instead
of IRI-reference as we requested at

2.  I see that there is still no mention of the acronym LEIRI.  
The XML Core WG had discussed this at
in response to a comment we got on XLink where we decided we
should ask you to include this acronym in IRI-bis, and I thought 
I had emailed you with this request, but I can't find a record of 
such a message, so I may have failed to make this request.  In the
second sentence of the first paragraph of section 7, please change:

  This section provides a definition and a name
  (Legacy Extended IRI) 


  This section provides a definition and a name
  (Legacy Extended IRI or LEIRI) 

or something similar.


The XML Core WG has had about a half dozen specs on hold awaiting
a referenceable IRI-bis, some for over a year.  Last December at
your email implied that IRI-bis would be in last call in January
or February.  We advanced several specs with this understanding,
and now they are in limbo waiting until IRI-bis is referenceable.

At our next XML Core telcon, it is my duty as chair to ask the WG 
if we think it is time to publish what is effectively section 7 
of your latest draft and/or some modification of our previous HRRI
draft as a W3C WG Note so that we can move ahead.


Received on Monday, 28 July 2008 14:44:58 UTC