Re: IRI draft refresh and timeline

Hello Addison, others,

At 02:38 08/06/27, Phillips, Addison wrote:
>Hello Martin,
>(on behalf of the I18N Core WG)
>The Core WG has noticed that the current IRI draft has expired.

I did so, too :-(. Well, actually, I got a notice.

>We'd like 
>to know what the status is of a refresh on the document;

Currently, I'm waiting for a reply from Michel Suignard with
his new coordinates. I can't publish a new draft with his
old (Microsoft) address. I have contacted him, but I haven't
yet heard back from him. If you have a way to ping him, that'd
be appreciated.

>whether there is 
>anything the working group can do to help you with this work;

A lot, for example:

- Reviewing the whole draft and sending comments (I think there's
  probably some 'dead wood' in there that from today's perspective
  may no longer be needed, and so on). Even if a reviewer things
  everything is fine, saying so is helpful.
- Contribute to
- Propose wording for open issues.
- Help getting various subcommunities  (e.g. HTML5, XML,...)
  integrated into the Web/Internet rather than diverging.
- Help with creating IRI tests for different specs (e.g. XML,
  SVG, Atom,...). The framework I use is written in Ruby, so
  being able to understand Ruby helps, or somebody may take
  this as an opportunity to learn Ruby (which is really fun!).
- Help with implementations (it would e.g. be great if somebody
  tweaked/rewrote the W3C link checker to finally respect IRIs;
  I'd be able to help only if I can rewrite it in Ruby).

>and what you 
>see as barriers to completing this work.

- The work on IDNAbis: I don't think we need to wait for that
  to complete, but then we can only say so for sure when it's
  completed :-(.
- The tendency of various subcommunities (e.g. HTML5, XML,...)
  of the Web/Internet community to put their local issues at
  the top, rather than understanding that a there is a huge
  benefit in true common infrastructure (such as URIs/IRIs).
- Lack of reviews/comments/text contributions.

>As you know, there is a lot of 
>interest in the XML community in getting this work finalized.

I know. Maybe too much interest, and somewhat in the wrong direction.

>We'd also like to request a more regular update from you on progress with 
>IRI. Perhaps once a month or so you could join our teleconference or maybe 
>just send us an email status when there are important events?

There is the IRI mailing list, I hope everybody
with interest in IRIs is subscribed to it, it's very low volume
(I wish the volume were somewhat higher).

I can of course update you on important events when they happen,
but they do not happen that often :-(.

>Please let us know.

Hope this helps.     Regards,    Martin.

>Best Regards,
>Addison Phillips
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