Re: An issue with the Unicode BiDi Algorithm

Mark Davis wrote:
>...  it appears to be that the bug filers want to treat
><br> as if it really does start another paragraph, but one without 
>paragraph spacing.
 > ...
>So it seems like what the people really want would be to use a <p 
>style="margin:0"> instead of a <br>.

But then, why should <br> ever be used? What I mean is, <p>'s and <br>'s 
have semantic significance, they're not just vehicles for visual style 
which you override with something like "margin:0". e.g. I may want to 
break a line without breaking the paragraph, and it is reasonable for me 
to want to write an RTL sentence which ends with an LTR word before the 
period on the first line, followed on the next line by an RTL sentence 
which happens to begin with, say, a number. They may be two sentences 
forming a single paragraph semantically, which should not have to be split 
up just so as to display like one would expect them to.

So, is there some compelling reason why neutrals at ends of lines should 
not have the same direction as that of the paragraph (with no control
characters present of course)?


PS - I'm assuming it is appropriate for me to also CC the two mailing 
lists; if that is not the case, please let me know.

Received on Wednesday, 16 February 2005 05:58:57 UTC