Re: An issue with the Unicode BiDi Algorithm

I looked a bit at the comments. I haven't had a chance to think through it 
in detail, but it appears to be that the bug filers want to treat <br> as 
if it really does start another paragraph, but one without paragraph 
spacing. Thus when I change to the following, it 
seems to work just fine.

<body dir="rtl">

<p>1. &#1492;&#1502;&#1497;&#1500;&#1492; 
&#1492;&#1488;&#1504;&#1490;&#1500;&#1497;&#1514; English.</p>
<p>2. &#1506;&#1489;&#1512;&#1497;&#1514;.</p>


So it seems like what the people really want would be to use a <p 
style="margin:0"> instead of a <br>.

I'm cc'ing the bidi Unicode group and the W3C i18n group in case people 
there have other comments/suggestions.

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Eyal Rozenberg <> 
02.14.2005 11:43 AM

Mark Davis/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS

An issue with the Unicode BiDi Algorithm

Hello Mark,

I thought you might be interested in a 'issue' with the unicode 
bidirectional algorithm, which is described here:

(that is a Mozilla bug, but the problem is not buggy code, rather that 
the behavior of the UBA is in some cases not quite what users expect, as 
you can see in the comments)

If you can spare the time, please consider commenting in the bug to 
explain the rationale of the UBA's current guidelines regarding the 
treatment of neutrals at the end of lines within paragraphs, or even - 
if you find the issue raised to be valid, as I hope you will - consider 
a workaround or a revision in the UBA itself.

Thank you,
Eyal Rozenberg

Received on Monday, 14 February 2005 23:23:59 UTC