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== [META] Reorganize character classes and its adoption of Unicode based definition ==
During [Jan 2020 JL-TF F2F meeting](https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-jlreq-admin/2020JanMar/0024.html), reorganization and upgrade of character class were [chatted (email in Japanese)](https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-jlreq-admin/2020JanMar/0023.html). After a while, we have [developed a list of possible discussion and research items](https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-i18n-japanese/2020JulSep/0113.html) as below. 
This issue is a META issue to track activities (incl. sub-issues) and possible action items.
During coordination, it was pointed that updating JLreq WG Note itself via individual issues/PRs is not a good plan to go forward, but having a separate document for next character class makes our works easier. (detailed plan will be proposed by @kidayasuo ).

1. adoption of Unicode based definition : could reach to answer while discussion of 3+ points?
  a. Relationship between CL-01/02 and Pi,Ps/Pe,Pf, including width of punctuation marks
  b. How it can be expanded for generic character classes like CL-19 or 27
  c. Character classes which are difficult to be defined using Unicode properties, like unit marks, and its redefinition using Unicode line breaking properties
2. Reorganization (removal and/or unity) of JLreq character classes
  a. JWT report (2019/3) by Binn-sensei, and removal of character classes defined by context [by Kida-san](https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-jlreq-admin/2020JanMar/0023.html)
  b. Also refer InDesign character class, and [issues from over-simplification of Illustrator](http://works014.hatenablog.com/entry/20141022)
3. Inclusion/Separation from function point of view for marks : toward guidelines of correct orthography
  a. U+2016, U+30A0
  b. box drawing characters
  c. marks which are not simply categorized as Kanji or  Kana
  d. Composite glyph like "ヨリ", "コト", etc.
  e. U+301C / WaveDash, U+FF5E / FullWidthTilda, U+30FC / Katakana-Hiragana Prolonged Sound Mark
4. Horizontal/Vertical glyph of marks, having multiple code points by vertical and horizontal use, U+FFXX : combination to font/CSS related issues
  a. "く" characters, double minute (Double Vertical Line), U+2702
  b. Makeshift plan by Murata-san, Text Shaping WG
5. Half and Full width, what is the real meaning of punctuation marks : started from how to handle spacing in punctuation marks
  a. How to describe removal of spacing in punctuation marks, and how to extend into Unicode
  b. In real font designs, most of punctuation marks are implemented as full width, and need to consider of more appropriate description to be included in JLreq as Note(?)
  c. In reality, EAW=Narrow is not half width, and do we have new sweat spot for description of character alignment in mixed text
6. Guideline to full width implementation for characters whose language does not have concept of "full" width
  a. Possible guideline based on full width European characters to be used only in Japanese text
  b. How to handle/upgrade groups of characters which are usually implemented as full-width in Japanese fonts, like Greek or Cyril

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