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== [questions/qa-personal-names] Honorific for women in Spanish ==
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Similar to "Mademoiselle" vs "Madame", the use of "Señorita" in Spanish is discouraged by [inclusive language guides](http://www.inmujer.gob.es/servRecursos/formacion/GuiasLengNoSexista/docs/Guiaslenguajenosexista_.pdf), as it is considered to have a sexist connotation. The argument is that women deserve to be treated with equal respect regardless of their marital status, as is the case with men. ["Nueva Gramática"](http://aplica.rae.es/grweb/cgi-bin/z.cgi?t=5237775104261005506957712&s=1&ap=16.16h) by the Real Academia Española, that normalises the (Spain) Spanish language, also mentions this concern.

So I suggest that "Señorita Carreño" is addressed as "Señora Carreño" instead :)

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