Re: A missing point in the HTML5 spec

As a side note, I would like to notify a fact: Validator considers the use
of @inputmode as an error both in <input> and in <textarea>, though it is
listed among the allowed attributes for the latter. See and for a list of (not
answered) reports.

2014-11-04 13:47 GMT+01:00 Andry Rendy <>:

> To the attention of the HTML5 specification authors and whoevere
> interested.
> While tracking a bug in another project ( I noticed
> that the attribute "inputmode" has been inserted in the official spec. It
> is listed in the <input> element (a table specifies on which input states
> it applies) and in the <textarea> element lists of allowed attributes.
> However, differently from any other attribute in the spec, it has no prose
> to explain what it is needed for, or what kind of attribute it is
> (enumerated), or its possible values.
> Now spec should state whether @inputmode is actually allowed and in what
> states and functions, or remove it because it is quite a problem for
> authors.
> Thank you in advance.

Received on Tuesday, 4 November 2014 12:55:17 UTC