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I like this a lot.  In my experience, "responsive" is a word with positive connotations in web development.  I agree that these input events are the corollary to responsive layout.

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There has been a lot of debate [1][2] about the correct name for device independent events [3] as a concept*. We have considered Intention Events, Command Events, and Action Events among others. I believe we now have a good name for them- Responsive Input Events. The reason for this name is that it is the corollary to Responsive Layout: for input instead of output. Together these two concepts can help form the basis of Responsive Design going forward. 

This could potentially apply to areas outside of editing in the future, so if anyone has further feedback on this name we should get it locked down now so we have a consistent story going forward. Let me know if you have feedback!


* the concept is summarized in the Explainer [3] Introduction as "Today, sites mostly respond to Device-Specific Input directly, causing several issues including difficultly understanding what a user intends, complexity in building Accessible sites, and complex localization. This document is meant to describe the path forward for Responsive Input across multiple areas so that sites can be written more simply across devices and input modalities in an Accessible and future-ready way."


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