RE: TextTrackCue changes

I am going to confirm this.  My understanding is that we support GetCueAsHTML for both TTML and WebVTT caption files.  We do not support the WebVTT based semantics for script generated cues.


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On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 9:19 AM, Jerry Smith (WINDOWS) <> wrote:
> Most of the WebVTT semantic references in HTML5 CR1 are examples, not 
> requirements.
> It is possible to implement a TextTrackCue per CR1 that can provide 
> caption cues for either WebVTT or TTML.

Only if you convert TTML cue markup to WebVTT cue markup and pretend that TTML is WebVTT format.

I believe the existing implementation in IE simply ignores all cue markup, so this is how you were able to deal with TTML and WebVTT in the same manner.

This is not the preferred option for TTML, nor for WebVTT, nor for other formats.


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