Re: <input type="date">: not marked at risk

2013-09-23 4:52, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
> FYI: being "at risk" has nothing to do with the usefulness of the
> feature - the spec's concern is whether there is cross-UA support of
> the feature.

Which in turn depends on how useful the feature is seen by implementors, 
doesn't it?
And on the amount of work needed for implementation, of course.

> Such a feature can be a useful feature (I personally have
> used such input types in my recent apps), but its standardisation may
> need to be delayed to the next version of HTML if UAs don't have
> uniform support of the feature. That's all.

According to
the support status for type=date is the same as for type=datetime. So 
there must be
something else than the current implementation status that explains why 
is not marked as being at risk and type=datetime is not.


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