Re: The picture element: complexity

On Thu, 12 Sep 2013 17:45:13 +0200, Reinier Kaper <>  

> And there's no way for a browser to detect *if* CSS will be parsed?

Unless CSS has been disabled altogether, it has to assume that there will  
be CSS to be downloaded and parsed.

> So you'd end up with two scenarios:
> 1. No CSS will be parsed on this page, therefore load src[0];
> 2. CSS *will* be parsed on this page, therefore don't start downloading
> image resources yet;

The delay in downloading the image is not acceptable.

>   2.1 When CSS parsing takes place: detect which media query is used and
> load the corresponding src accordingly.
> The issue here would be when the browser scales up/down, but then
> alternative resources should be loaded asynchronously and only fully  
> loaded
> sources should be replacing the previous one.
> Maybe I just don't have the technical knowledge, but to me it seems this  
> is
> something that the browser would ideally deal with.

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