Re: is it necessary to disambiguate (using markup) inline notes,citations and original markup? [was] use of <mark> to denote notes in quoted text

Hi Jukka,

" then it seems natural to require that the original markup be preserved"

why? who does this benefit?



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> 2013-09-09 13:27, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
>> There is no real-world disagreement about the fact that the the
>> responsibility for whether one uses <em>, <i> or <font> is the the author
>> of the current page. That is, in my view, a straw man.
> I don’t quite see what are referring to.
> If quoted text (no matter what, if any, markup is used to indicate it as a
> quotation) is from a web page, or generally an HTML document, then it seems
> natural to require that the original markup be preserved, unless there is a
> technical reason that prevents it. Even if it is deprecated, obsolete, and
> whatever, it’s what the author of the quoted page has chosen, so in a
> quotation, it shall not be “fixed” any more than you are allowed to “fix”
> factual errors or wrong opinions.
> If quoted text is from another format, such as plain text file or printed
> book, then I would say that markup be used only when there is an obvious
> choice in HTML, mainly <p> for paragraphs. For italic, for example, it’s
> debatable whether we should use just <i>, leaving it to the recipient to
> interpret it (as a reader of a printed book has to do), or whether we
> should use e.g. <em> or <cite> or <var> if the author’s intent is clear. I
> would say that given the semantic mess around <em> and friends, clear cases
> really don’t exist.
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