Re: NUís polyglot possibilities (Was: The non-polyglot elephant in the room)


On Jan 26, 2013, at 1:04 PM, Alex Russell wrote:

> I think at this point it's clear that you care about something other than the interoperable web that we've collectively built. The web exhibits all sort visibly valuable diversity right now.

Does it? 

We seem, in this conversation at least, to be considering only the web browsers as user-agents. That doesn't seem very diverse from here.

> That your preferred version of "diversity" isn't winning does not seem a TAG problem.

I would say that the ability to make the web open to technologies, whether current or future, beyond those supported in the major browsers is indeed (still) a TAG problem. Or at least, it certainly should be, if the W3C is in the business of supporting the whole web, and not just the browser web. 



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