Re: Extension Specification for XHTML5 entity definitions.

On 25/01/2013 05:47, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> FWIW in my day job we clone bugs all the time to track resolution
> for multiple releases, when there is a stable branch and a trunk. So
> it doesn't seem like an undue burden to me. Perhaps it does to
> others though.

It's not the actual cloning that's hard (or at least I assume it isn't)
It's that it fragments discussion and makes it very hard to know where
to send comments. In a more tightly controlled project in a day job
things might be different but in a situation where there are external
reviewers making comments and then it is an internal editorial decision
in which version component they are handled, expecting the external
reviewer to maintain separate bug reports (so separate discussion
threads) for every component seems onerous to me.

That's a general observation about the process rather than this
particular case. Some extra bugzilla bureaucracy is nothing compared to
the overhead of having to push an entire specification through the REC
track just to get one line added which should have been added two years ago.


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