Re: TAG Decision on Rescinding the request to the HTML WG to develop a polyglot guide

(cc:ed to DOM 4 editors)

Guys, I tried to make BlueGriffon output polyglot html5 for future
1.7 and I am hitting a serious issue: I am unable to do it for one
single reason... Rendering engines are removing support for
Document.xmlVersion, Document.xmlStandalone and Document.xmlEncoding
that are deprecated in DOM 4. I have then *no way at all* of
knowing if a document was parsed with an XML declaration or not
from script, using the DOM.
The XML declaration is not reachable as a PI in the OM. Since an
editor like mine can edit all flavors of html, it still needs to
output the xml declaration for xhtml and for html5 if the polyglot
option is not chosen.

Because of that deprecation in DOM 4 (already removed in mozilla
central), Polyglot HTML5 is totally impossible to implement in an
application that is not Polyglot-HTML5 only... I guess this is an
architectural issue for the TAG, right?


Received on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 07:51:56 UTC