Re: TAG Decision on Rescinding the request to the HTML WG to develop a polyglot guide

Next version of BlueGriffon will permit "only UTF-8 in xhtml5" and will 
also insert <meta charset="UTF-8"/> in XHTML5. [1] See the bug report. 
[2] If BG would also also do away with the XML declaration, then I 
would consider Blue Griffon’s XHTML5 mode as polyglot. Here is hoping.



Leif Halvard Silli

Maciej Stachowiak, Fri, 18 Jan 2013 11:44:04 -0800:
> On Jan 18, 2013, at 4:25 AM, Henri Sivonen <> wrote:
>> On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 2:35 PM, Sam Ruby <> wrote:
>>>>   * that there are implementations that support
>>>>     generating polyglot documents
>>> Potential candidates: Planet Venus and Wunderbar.


>> Even if two implementations written by the same person are independent
>> in the sense that they don't share lines of code, they are not
>> independent in the sense that they'd demonstrate that the spec is
>> clear enough that two different people reading it end up writing
>> interoperable software. For that reason, I think citing these two
>> implementations as the two independent interoperable implementations
>> would fail at least the spirit if not the letter of the Process
>> requirement.
> It would also fail the letter of the definition of independent we 
> used in the CR exit criteria for HTML5 and HTML Canvas 2D Context:
> Independent - Each implementation must be developed by a different 
> party and cannot share, reuse, or derive from code used by another 
> qualifying implementation. Sections of code that have no bearing on 
> the implementation of this specification are exempt from this 
> requirement.
> This definition of independent is modeled on the one used by other 
> WGs such as CSS, so I think it's generally understood that way.
> Cheers,
> Maciej

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