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Am 08.04.2013 10:26, schrieb Steve Faulkner:
> how can identify if bootstrap is being used?
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It is very easy. Bootstrap is based non less.
Peolpe can change the name of bootstrap.css to whatever they like. So this is not the indicator.
But you can see it by the used class-names in the HTML-Document.

Hope this mail will reach the list.

My former mail here:

Subtitles are an important journalistic style medium.
To find a working solution for them can be very helpful.

I think the small element is not the correct markup and should be used
for the small printed stuff, because the relation to its parent is not

  My first idea was to change the  the interpretation of <sub>, because
it isn't used very often and it is a speaking word.

It makes clear that there is something underneath.

  But I think this idea is to far away from its original meaning
(Math),  people can be confused and  a new element for its original
function is needed.

On the otherhand screenreader will say "subscripted" subheadcontent. It
is maybe not so far from what we want.

I think we have not much options to solve this problem at the moment.
Using the small-element is a workaround  not more.
Bootstrap itself is used by joomla, so using will increase over the next
years. I hope will have influence here to make it better as it is for
the moment.

Bye Angie

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