Re: ISSUE-194: full-transcript - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> On 03/21/2012 06:59 PM, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Sam Ruby<>  wrote:
>>> On 03/14/2012 08:27 PM, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
>>>> Dear Chairs,
>>>> May I suggest that the resolution of this issue is dependent on the
>>>> resolution of several other issues and discussions currently under
>>>> way. I therefore propose to delay dealing with this issue until such
>>>> other issues are resolved. This includes in particular the @longdesc
>>>> discussion.
>>>> In my mind, it is possible that the HTML WG decides that there is
>>>> sufficient need for a general mechanism to add off-page textual
>>>> representations to certain complex elements to HTML5, elements such as
>>>> canvas, img, video, audio, table, or figure. If such a general
>>>> mechanism were added - which could be called @longdesc or @href or
>>>> @transcript - such a mechanism would fulfill the needs of this issue.
>>> Can you cite any existing proposal that, if adopted, would address this
>>> need?
>> I can now. Please find a proposal for aria-describedat under
>> discussion at
>> .
>> I expect that this attribute will be added to Aria 1.1 and it
>> satisfies the needs of Issue 194.
>> I would therefore like to repeat my request to not resolve this issue
>> at this time.
> Do you have a proposal for when this should be resolved?

I am curious to see Edward's change proposal, so two weeks at minimum.

In the meantime, I want to work with the authors of the describedAt
proposal to improve it. This attribute has implications on other
elements, too, including the longdesc discussion. I want to get input
from the Web community outside the accessibility space on this
attribute, too. I doubt we can get broader input and in particular
consensus within these two weeks, but can certainly try.

What is the current state of the Last Call timeline and your plans to
move to CR? (I've lost track, sorry, and couldn't find any update over


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