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hi ben,

Are the flash based media players generally used accompanied by scripted
HTML controls or are they in the flash file?

looking at random youtube video controls are in the flash
 same goes for metacafe and daily motion

> switching to HTML5 <video> would require switching to DHTML controls

If this is the case then it is a positive effect of removing the flash


On 14 March 2012 20:55, Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

> On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 5:14 PM, Steve Faulkner
> <> wrote:
> > "This means that our Linux customers are capable of watching video using
> > Flash to run DRM."
> >
> > unfortunately the flash plugin on non windows paltforms does not have the
> > accessibility support [1]
> >
> > and is unlikely to as I understand that Adobe has recently shelved their
> > plans to add acc support on Mac and linux.
> >
> > So from the perspective of users with disabilties something that
> disengages
> > video from flash plugin dependency would be a good thing.
> That's most easily addressed by developers who need Flash for DRM
> limiting their use of Flash to a viewport that does not need details
> in the accessibility tree and cannot receive keyboard focus, building
> DHTML controls to manipulate the Flash movie player, and using DHTML
> for any overlays over the video that need user interaction. Flash DRM
> video sites tend to be JS dependent anyway so I don't think we lose
> much on the progressive enhancement front, and switching to HTML5
> <video> would require switching to DHTML controls, so I don't think
> there's an added cost to keeping Flash around for the viewport itself.
> I'm aware Flash is nominally an open specification and I'm aware of
> the existence of things like Gnash, but I'm not clear whether it's
> feasible to build a Flash player implementation that could be bundled
> on Debian and access videos that use Flash for DRM. Does anyone have
> any idea?
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