Re: CfC: Close ISSUE-203 media-descriptions by Amicable Resolution

On 06/26/2012 02:07 PM, Edward O'Connor wrote:
> Hi,
> Maciej wrote:
>> At the current time, the chairs are re-issuing the call for consensus
>> on [ISSUE-203].
> I object to the change proposed in [1]. I apologize for missing the
> deadline on this CfC; I was attending another working group's face to
> face meeting and didn't notice this email.
>> If anybody would like to raise an objection during this time, we will
>> require them to accompany their objection with a concrete and complete
>> change proposal.
> Unfortunately I don't have a concrete and complete change proposal at
> this time; my HTML WG time has been spent on other change proposals for
> other open issues. I can commit to producing a change proposal for
> ISSUE-203 by July 10th if the chairs will grant me an extension.

I'll simply note that the original call for counters[1] went out on the 
9th of May, so we normally wouldn't grant an extension without a change 
proposal or even a rationale.

That being said, the co-chairs discussed it and are willing to grant 
this extension this one time.

> (I'd also be happy to have help on such a change proposal if others in
> the WG agree with me that the change proposed in [1] is undesirable.)
> Thanks,
> Ted
> 1.

- Sam Ruby


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