Re: CfC: Close ISSUE-206: meta-generator by Amicable Resolution

Hi Sam,

You wrote:

> At the current time, the chairs are issuing a call for consensus on
> this proposal. If anybody would like to raise an objection during this
> time, we will require them to accompany their objection with a
> concrete and complete change proposal.

Like I wrote in [1], the proposal on the table removes the existing
feature without providing a replacement for it. Here's a Change Proposal
which provides a suitable replacement:

While this Change Proposal is both concrete and complete, I intend to
solicit comments from conformance checker developers which may result in
testimonials I would like to cite in the Rationale section. Any such
changes will be done before the August 8 CfC deadline.

> Note: we are aware (per below) that Ted is working on a counter
> proposal.  The intent of this CfC is to make a hard deadline for such.

Fair enough. :) Sorry I didn't get this in on Friday; I'm recovering
from a cold.


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