Re: A request concerning a11y related emails

On 07/27/2012 04:13 PM, John Foliot wrote:
> Sam Ruby wrote:
>> The reason those particular emails were not copied to the
>> is explained here:
>> Judy specifically notified you of the problem in an email dated:
>>     Fri, 27 Jul 2012 11:53:57 -0400
> Hi Sam,
> I am aware of the current issue with the a11yTF database/mailing list snafu
> (which now appears to be fixed). That said, a review of your 2 posts of
> today in the archives shows that even if there were no issue with the
> public-html-a11y list, you still neglected to include that list on your CC:

That's simply because I knew in advance that such emails would bounce, 
and that PLH would be forwarding them appropriately once the problem was 
corrected.  Something he followed through on before you sent your email:

- Sam Ruby

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