Re: Moving forward with Issue-204

I agree with Sam here.

You're asking the editors to apply a revert of r6980 and then ask them
to only apply it partially. How about you keep your change proposal to
the text you want to see in the spec that pertains to issue 204, and let
the editors figure out how to apply your proposed changes? If the
editors do it the wrong way later on, you'll be able to point that out.
By the way, since you're now one of those editors, you'll be able to
blame yourself as well for not applying your own proposed change
properly :)


On Wed, 2012-07-25 at 16:53 -0400, Sam Ruby wrote:
> > I've tried to rework the details section to address your concern. How
> > does it look now?
> As currently worded it appear that the "User Agents are encouraged" 
> paragraph would only need to be added if the Editors chose to apply the 
> change in the manner that you have proscribed.
> The quickest, easiest, and frankly best, way to address this is to 
> remove the unnecessary, confusing, and frankly irrelevant paragraph that 
> starts with the words "One way to apply the above changes".
> > Ted
> - Sam Ruby

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