Re: Proposed adaptive image element

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 3:45 PM, Laura Carlson
<> wrote:
> Maciej advised Ian Devlin to file a bug for his era attribute idea,
> saying, "If you want to pursue your feature request, file a bug at
> <> as a first step. Consider filing it
> under the product if it's not essential for this to be in
> HTML5, since HTML5 is winding down and the WG is likely to be
> reluctant to add new features. But if you strongly feel this should be
> in HTML5, go ahead and file it under the HTML5 component.

I didn't take Maciej's email as an indication of how features get
added but as politely indefinite way of saying "era" is not gonna
happen in HTML5.

Henri Sivonen

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