Re: Moving forward with Issue-204

I'll respond more fully later, but it appears that you added back in the  
instructions to revert change 6890.  This is unacceptable as previously  
noted as it contains unrelated changes and would leave the document in an  
inconsistent state.

Please update the change proposal to contain a self contained,  
complete,consistent, and understandable description of the change you are  

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Hi Sam,

You wrote:

> To facilitate matters, I replaced the link to the
> diff with a link to the text I posted previously[1]:

Thanks! I think that's an accurate description of the proposed change; I've  
incorporated it into the updated proposal.

> Please let us know when you are finished.

I have updated the Change Proposal to include (a minor variation) on the  
text I proposed the other day. Jonas, Matthew, do you think the updated  
Details section accurately reflects what you intended the Change Proposal to  


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