RE: ISSUE-204, ISSUE-30 and ISSUE-203 processing order

Paul Cotton wrote:
> > Have the Chairs also identified a time-line to attach to this
> processing order? As all three identified Issues are now closed, and
> with various Change Proposals in place already, I would presume that
> there should not be much of a delay in starting this process, or delays
> between Issue processing either.
> >An approximate time-line and dates would be helpful and appreciated by
> many in the Working Group.
> In general when we have issues that are dependent on each other you
> should expect the Chairs to prioritize the earlier issues in the
> precedence order with a higher priority than other WG issues.


> In addition you should expect the Chairs to give authors of change
> proposals for an issue that depends on a newly decided issue time to
> refactor or withdraw their CP in the face of a WG decision on the
> earlier decided issue.

I'll prod a little harder here Paul. 

How much time is considered reasonable, especially in light of how much time
we've spent discussing these three issues. A week? 10 days? 2 weeks? 

It has been my experience in the past that firm deadlines and milestones
have a way of keeping everything moving along at an appropriate pace.
Previously the Chairs have used deadlines
( to keep
things moving and elicit Change Proposals on a number of Issues, and so it
strikes me as not unreasonable to apply a little of the same process again

> This may mean that we do NOT move directly
> from one WG decision to an immediate survey on the next issue in the
> queue.

I hear: there will be "some time" between the first issue and the second,
and "some time" likely between the second issue and the third to allow for
last minute adjustments. 

That seems reasonable, but again, can we get an idea of quantity of time? A
week? 10 days? 2 weeks? It seems all very vague still. 

> In this particular case, the Chairs are trying to determine when we can
> go to survey for ISSUE-204 which is at the beginning of this set of
> issues.  See my message:
> We are hoping to clarify the status of the two ISSUE-204 change
> proposals by this Thu so that we could start a straw poll later this
> week or early next week.  That straw poll would run for approximately
> one week.

I hear: the Straw Poll for Issue 204 will probably go to survey by no later
than Monday or Tuesday next, and reach a deadline for objections
in-or-around July 30 or 31, which is 2 weeks from today. 

Would that be a reasonable interpretation? 

> Following the close of the survey for ISSUE-204 the Chairs
> plan to prioritize very high getting a decision on ISSUE-204 so that we
> can move on to ISSUE-30 as soon as possible. 

Given busy schedules, summer vacations and the fact that Aug. 1 is a holiday
in many locations (including Ottawa <grin>), can the Chairs give us a
best-guess estimate of how long they envision this high priority decision
evaluation for Issue 204 will take? A week? Ten days? Two weeks? Longer?

> BUT depending on the WG
> decision on ISSUE-204 the Chairs may want to give the authors of the
> ISSUE-30 CPs time to change their submissions.

I hear: once Issue 204 is resolved, the Chairs will wait "some more" to see
if anyone else changes their mind on their entrenched positions on Issue 30.

Given the fact that we've been beating on this poor horse for over 3 years
now, I personally suspect that there will be little movement; further I
would suggest to the Chairs that any such movement would take days, not
weeks or months, to address.  

Can I ask that you specifically define the appropriate amount of time
between the final decision for Issue 204, and the commencement of a Straw
Poll on Issue 30? A week? 10 days? 2 weeks?

Knowing this information up-front will also allow others to plan accordingly
over the summer months.

> I hope this is clear.  If not I will be glad to answer more questions
> on this matter.

Thanks Paul, what you provided was indeed clear in terms of process, if a
bit incomplete. 

Surely accomplished and experienced Project Managers such as the Chairs
understand the value and importance of attaching *specific* timelines to
deliverables, and I and many others would appreciate a clear answer to my
direct question: 

Can we get some specific deadlines please?



Received on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 00:42:28 UTC