RE: Change Proposal for time element - add an era attribute

The Chairs have agreed that this proposal is out of scope for ISSUE-183 and will NOT be considered with the other two change proposals.

The Chairs recommend that Ian submit this as a separate bug as outline below in Maciej's original reply.

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Subject: Re: Change Proposal for time element - add an era attribute

I haven't asked my co-chairs about this yet, but in my opinion, this Change Proposal is beyond the scope of the original issue and proposes an independent change. So the next step I would suggest is to file it as a bug, and then perhaps escalate that bug to an issue if necessary.


On Apr 12, 2012, at 11:19 AM, Ian Devlin wrote:


I noticed from the summary email that went out earlier today that Issue 183: Enhance and simplify the time element is due to close tomorrow.

I'd like to submit an additional change proposal which isn't a counter proposal, but merely a suggested enhancement to Tantek's proposal which forms the basis of Issue 183.

My proposal: add an 'era' attribute to the HTML5 <time> element, can be found at -



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