Re: Moving forward with Issue-204

Hi Paul,

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 10:13 AM, Paul Cotton <> wrote:

> Ted wrote:
>> Here's my attempt at wording this restriction. What do you think?
> I have not seen any feedback on this proposed text.

Two weeks ago, John replied to Ted regarding Ted's proposed text. It
was on the same day that Ted proposed it: June 29, 2012. John's
response is at:

Paul, I think that John's  third to the last paragraph is key to this
situation: "we've come to a crossroads". *

Janina said in last week's HTML WG teleconference:

> janina: would be happiest if we can reach consensus on language
> ... not sure how to move in that direction, would be good if hober can
> move this
> ... great concern is there are large # of disabled users not using
> screen readers
> ... problems with tab approach
> ... probably not meeting all use cases

So it seems that the ball is in Ted and  Jonas' court.

Ted and Jonas, can you live with John's V4 CP?
If not can you while taking into consideration John's June 29th reply,
propose text for the details section of the V4 proposal that that you
could live with? Like John, I too am hoping for a positive response.


Best Regards,

* "Every good-faith effort has been made here, and if at this time you
and Jonas are still unprepared to endorse the V4 CP, then I will ask
the Accessibility Task Force for their endorsement of the V4 CP and
ask that the Chairs proceed with a WBS survey on Issue 204.", John
Laura L. Carlson

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