Re: ISSUE-194

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 9:43 AM, Sunyang (Eric) <> wrote:
> But I only see transcript related with media element, so I guess they have strong connection.
> And how the app or service use transcript for accessibility? Can you show some use cases?
> Show transcript beside a video element? A <div></div>+CSS can easily do this
> Read out transcript for video element to people? Text track can do this very well.

Text track requires you to also watch the video at the same time. If
you are, for example, deaf-blind, you really don't care about the
video element and all it contains. You just want the text and you want
to be able to consume it along your own timeline. So, there is a big
difference between text track and transcript.

The <div> suggestion is indeed the most common way to publish it. If
you read the transcript-URL CP in detail you will understand that the
@transcript attribute is used when the transcript is not published on
the same page as where you are currently watching the video, thus the
URL will point you back to the <div> where it is published.

> What's this partner resource-transcript use for? Any special reason? Anything can not be done by existing html technology?
> I am not questioning the adoption of transcript into HTML, I just want to understand the motivation behind this.

Sure. No problem. You should read the proposals in details - they
might clarify some things.


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