Process question re. autofocus bug status [was Re: autofocus on links is missing?]

No further information on this has been forthcoming on list, so I'd
like to ask the Editor directly regarding the following:

> Bug 13942 - Allow @autofocus on any element with @tabindex

> Status: Rejected
> Change Description: no spec change
> Rationale: Let's see how people do with autofocus on <input> before we start
> making it even easier to move focus around.

The implication is that the bug will be revisited at some point in the
future. So when will that be on the Milestone timeline?

If the intent is actually that the bug should be closed permanently
within the scope of HTML5, then the rationale is unsatisfactory: the
question of why further support for autofocus is not desirable isn't
addressed, leaving the proposal standing unchallenged - for which the
appropriate resolution isn't WONTFIX.


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