Re: Request to Reconsider Alt Guidance Location

Laura Carlson writes:
> Hi Leif and Janina,
> Leif wrote:
> > At any rate: The document 'HTML5 techniques for providing useful text
> > alternatives' remains a HTML5 specific document. Why else should the
> > HTML working group be co-responsible for it?
> I think that may be a point of confusion.
> Janina, it might be helpful to clarify how the HTML 5 Techniques for
> WCAG 2.0 Task Force [1] is or is not involved in all of this.
It's a joint PF and WCAG TF charged with creating and documenting
techniques for HTML 5 that lead to WCAG conformance. In publishing
these, following review, they update WCAG 2 by design. In this way, as
the CP says, WCAG 2 is a "living specification."

> Does the Change Proposal statement, "Make 'HTML5 techniques for
> providing useful text alternatives' a WAI/HTML WG deliverable"
> actually mean:
It means transfer ownership to WCAG for publication and ongoing
maintanence. Why? Because that's where W3C locates this kind of
publication and this kind of responsibility. It's the group best
qualified to continue to develop it, to see to it that it covers all
kinds of markup.

> * A "WAI AND HTML WG deliverable",  Or does it mean
> * "WAI's HTML Task Force's deliverable"
A WAI-WCAG deliverable.


> Thanks.
> Best Regards,
> Laura
> [1]
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> Laura L. Carlson


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