Re: Split Issue 30?

On 2/12/2012 9:36 PM, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Jonas Sicking:
>>> It appears we simply do not agree on how a number of issues (probably
>>> including which issues we don't agree on:-) ) so I suspect this
>>> thread won't go any further.
> Charles Pritchard:
>> I think we've reached an agreement regarding your proposal: @hidden
>> currently follows display: none, from CSSOM and your proposal seeks to
>> have @hidden have its own properties.
>> I now understand that you are not trying to alter "display: none" from
> CSSOM seems entirely irrelevant here.  CSSOM is the spec that defines 
> scripted access to CSS style sheets etc.  Maybe by "@hidden currently 
> follows display: none, from CSSOM" you mean "@hidden is currently 
> defined to hide elements by setting their display property to none 
> through a user agent style sheet".

Yes, thank you. Sorry I wasn't more specific, I think it would have 
saved a bit of confusion.


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