RE: Issue 131 Change Proposal

Thanks for the feedback, Rich.

I think that there are two issues in 131 (text editing in canvas, and reading static text rendered into a canvas element); I have filed change proposals for both.

I think that, for the issue of reading text from a canvas, we should be able to achieve consensus, as you note below.
For text editing, consensus seems less likely.

I propose that we split 131 into separate issues.


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Hi Frank,

Thanks for submitting another solution Frank.

I believe this would work provided we add some work under way related to ARIA 1.1.  I am not sure everyone uses the subdom text cursor position.
Another issue is that Macs, currently don't support caret browsing. If you would like me to discuss the work under way I would be happy to do that. In short, I believe this would work but we would need to do the other things.

Note: to the chairs: This is not an alternative to the text baseline. That is another aspect for Issue 131 which would apply to either proposal for caret/selection tracking.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date:	02/10/2012 03:12 PM
Subject:	Issue 131 Change Proposal

I would like to submit as a change proposal for this issue.

This proposal defines author guidance that outlines a solution to the problem of reading text in canvas elements, improving accessibility.


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