Re: document.write() and .close() allowed on IFRAME though its document.domain was set

On 2/2/12 3:16 PM, Adam Barth wrote:
> 2) When one frame inherits an origin from another, the origin objects
> themselves are aliased

Ah, there we go.  That's what Gecko does as well, basically.

Perhaps we just need to spec that...

> 3) Whenever a script associated with document A calls
> on another document B (or when is called implicitly,
> e.g. by document.write()), document B's URL and cookie context get
> overridden with the corresponding information information from
> document A.  In addition, document B's origin gets replaced with an
> alias to document A's origin.

Gecko does this as well.

> In the test above, there is only ever one origin (and a bunch of
> aliases to it)

Yeah, makes sense.  Sounds like the spec needs to change.


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