Re: United Nations WCIT ITU Conference and Scientific Forums

Hi Adam,

While the topic may be of interest, I like Mike think it is not on topic
for this list, which is for technical discussion of HTML feature



On 22 December 2012 16:00, Adam Sobieski <> wrote:

> HTML Working Group,
> Mike Taylor,
> Thank you for your point of view about process, topicality and
> appropriateness. I disagree with you. The topic pertains to international
> science forums, Internet- and Web-related forums, including this very
> forum. The topic is in response to a recent conference, the ITU WCIT 2012
> conference. Some conference attendees indicated that they believed that
> nations, governments, could regulate the Internet and Web. My nation, the
> United States of America, stood opposed to that, and stood for a
> multi-stakeholder model.
> To accomplish chartered tasks productively, forums should be as the
> participants desire, and discussing forums and forums-related expectations
> is a direct amd appropriate way to ascertain participants' expectations
> with regard to each forum in which they participate. The participants here
> are adult men and women, scientists and technologists, experts, and your
> opinion that they cannot or should not discuss forum-related topics in
> their own forums can be misconstrued as disrespectful.
> It is my opinion that scientists and technologists, who participate in
> Internet- and Web-related science and technology forums, can discuss their
> expectations freely with regard to each forum in which they participate, in
> response to international and national events and other events reasonably
> topical to or pertaining to Internet- and Web-related science and
> scientific group processes, and that they can do so in the very same forums
> in which they participate.
> Kind regards,
> Adam Sobieski

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