HTML 5.1, Web Cryptography API

HTML Working Group,

Greetings.  With regard to HTML 5 / 5.1 web applications, public key infrastructure, the digital signatures of streams and blobs, and XMLDSIG scenarios interoperable with document object model serialization and deserialization, and JavaScript API's, I would like to indicate the Web Cryptography API (,, presently a working draft, as a component for HTML 5 / 5.1 .  Web developers can envision Web applications with features including the feature for users to digitally sign data and XML data, utilizing locally stored X509 certificates, and the feature of verifying or authenticating digitally signed data.

User interface details are topical and could include user interaction during the selection of X509 certificate stores and certificates as well as user interaction to digitally sign data and XML data.

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Adam Sobieski 		 	   		  

Received on Friday, 14 December 2012 03:51:56 UTC