HTML 5.1, Speech and Handwriting Recognition

HTML Working Group,
Greetings.  With regard to HTML 5.1, multilingual handwriting recognition is a possible feature, including with mathematical and scientific notations.  Handwriting recognition could be implemented as a <canvas> context, as per canvas.getContext('handwriting', ...), and/or as an <input> element mode.
With either a <canvas> context or an <input> element mode for handwriting recognition, some JavaScript API topics could include InkML and handwriting recognition results as XHTML + MathML (,,  Additionally, some web developers and users might be interested in digital whiteboards for WebRTC-enhanced web applications.

A number of HTML-related scenarios, including for the use cases of digital textbooks, can be facilitated by the multilingual recognition of speech and handwriting with functionality for mathematical and scientific notations.

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Adam Sobieski 		 	   		  

Received on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 08:08:21 UTC