Questions about the video element

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I have some questions about the video element.

If we give width and height to the video element, video will be scaled
regarding the given size.

Then, how about this? No given size to the video element, and small size of
div element which is parent of the vedeo element.


Below is the example.

Let's say the intrinsic size of the sample.mp4 is 300px/300px.

<div width=150px height=150px>
<video src="sample.mp4" />

In this case, is the video supposed to be down-scaled? or, rendered only
1/4 of the video which is left-top corner.
(Latter is how Chrome browser works.)

Actually, the spec says like this.
 - In the absence of style rules to the contrary, video content should be
rendered inside the element's playback area such that the video content is
shown centered in the playback area at the largest possible size that fits
completely within it, with the video content's aspect ratio being


But I cannot fully understand what the "playback area" means in the context.
I'm thinking the "playback area" means the div region in above case. Am I

Could anyone make clear this for me?

Thanks in advance.


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