Re: The missing Sentence tag

On 12/5/12 4:10 PM, Gavin Carothers wrote:
>        * Representation of the look of historical documents.
> TEI is likely to cover all of this need already. The needs of historical
> documents are longer and more exhaustive then HTML needs to deal with.
> TEI can be readily transformed into HTML preserving some of the
> semantics in classes and other attributes.
>        * As an aid to new readers, or people learning a new langauge.
> "A new language"... so we don't need a tag for sentences, we'd need a
> tag for all grammar structures in every language.
>        * As an aid to people with learning or visual disabilities.
> I am skeptical.

You are allowed to be skeptical.  Do people need to present defensible 
theses on every new addition to HTML to indicate that it's value is 
genuine?  Or to put it another way, did anyone have to provide a defense 
for HTML's ability to separate paragraphs from each other, or the CSS 
ability to change spacing between lines, or alter word spacing?

>        * As an additional means of adding emphasis to text.
> No.

So you are taking the position that it is the role of the HTML standard 
to enforce someone's (your?) own sense of style or formatting 
preferences on the entire world?

>        * Simply because they prefer it for aesthetic reasons.
> Aesthetics is not part of semantic markup.

I assume you didn't fully read my original message.  Semantics is a good 
reason for the sentence tag but my primary reason is for the sentence 
formatting.  Sentence tags would have utility in BOTH formatting and 
semantics, and I think that the two reasons taken together make a 
powerful argument for it's inclusion.


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