Re: HTML/XML TF Report glosses over Polyglot Markup (Was: Statement why the Polyglot doc should be informative)

On 03/12/2012 11:49 , David Carlisle wrote:
> On 03/12/2012 10:35, Robin Berjon wrote:
>> Case in point: we have a few large HTML datasets at hand which we
>> can use to look at how HTML is used in the wild. But for the most
>> part we tend to be limited to grepping, to some simple indexing, or
>> to parsing them all and applying some ad hoc rules to extract data
>> (which is slow). It would be sweet to be able to just load those
>> into a DB and run XQuery (or something like it) on them. If that
>> were possible, you'd get very fast, high octane analysis with
>> off-the-shelf software (a lot of it open source).
> Not directly related to the document at hand but for the record on the
> list archives, I think it should be noted of course that that is
> possible now. If you hook (say) the sax parser up to any
> java based xslt/xquery engine, say saxon, then you can process html now
> with xml tools.

It will certainly help, but there are still a few things you have to be 
careful about in your XQuery. For instance <foo:bar> at some point in 
your content and //foo:bar might not match in any manner that you'd 
expect; I also don't think that you can compare with xs:QName("", 
"foo:bar"). But those are details for another group to figure out and 
not what occupies us here.

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