Re: CfC: Adopt Issue31cMetaGeneratorUpdated by Amicable Resolution

Hi Sam,

You wrote:

> One thing all of the proposals on the table have in common is that they
> remove the current generator exception.

Yes, though the stated rationale for removing it differs among the
various proposals.

> As such, the chairs are issuing a call for consensus on the following
> Change Proposal:
> If anybody would like to raise an objection during this time, we will
> require them to accompany their objection with a concrete and complete
> change proposal which retains the current exception.

I don't object to the details section of that proposal, but I'm not
crazy about a lot of the rationale. Given that I support the spec change
in the details section, I support this CfC, but if the CfC goes through,
I'd like to ask the Chairs to narrowly construe such consensus, given
the differences as to *why* people think this change is desirable.


Received on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 21:32:27 UTC