Re: Implementation Details request on Issue 204 Decision (was RE: FORMAL OBJECTION (was RE: Working Group Decision on ISSUE-204 aria-hidden))

Maciej Stachowiak, Tue, 21 Aug 2012 01:52:49 -0700:

>>> This is true
>>> today, and likely would remain true if we exposed full semantics, not
>>> just flattened output.
>> Assuming that this is indeed how things would work for Safari+VoiceOver
>> (where Apple has the luxury of the tighter binding of the two "native"
>> applications on your devices), has there been any discussion or thought on
>> how this might also work with other tools, including other browsers and
>> other, 3rd Party screen reading tools such as JAWs or NVDA (or Orca,
>> Hal/SuperNova, ZoomText, etc.)?  
> So far as I know, none of these products run on Mac OS X or iOS, so 
> we don't really design for them. That being said, anyone is free to 
> make a third party product that works with the accessibility APIs on 
> Mac OS X. Everything that VoiceOver uses is available to third-party 
> tools.

Sidenote: Firefox Nightly comes with (still buggy) support for 
VoiceOver. It shall be exiting to see how Firefox implements its 
support for @longdesc and aria-describedby links  — showLongdesc() — 
together with VoiceOver!
Leif Halvard Silli

Received on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 10:15:34 UTC