Re: Audience Based Validator User Interface (ISSUE-206)

On 8/5/12 3:25 PM, "Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis" <>

>On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 7:28 PM, Steve Faulkner <>
>> in any of the above a conforming HTML5 authoring tool would be useless
>>if it
>> could not emit the documents.
>Maybe we should say that a conforming HTML5 authoring tool MAY emit
>"non-conforming HTML5 documents" but MUST make the author informed of
>the (machine-assessable) conformance status of the document when

Wouldn't that require that all HTML5 authoring/generation tools have to
include (and/or link to) some validator??   That seems like quite a burden
to place on authoring toolsŠ


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